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Kibutz Baari

+150,000 Israeli
lost their Homes
on October 7th

With your support we are giving them the sanctuary they need

On October 7th, 2023, approximately 3,000 Hamas terrorists along with bloodthirsty Gazan civilians, invaded communities in Southern Israel, by land sea, and air, with the sole purpose of slaughtering innocent civilians. The terrorists committed unheard-of atrocities that the world has not witnessed since the holocaust. 


With their homes burned and shattered during the attack, over 150,000 Israeli families were displaced from their homes, and have since been living in substandard conditions, while Israel continues to experience constant missile attacks.

Alongside the ongoing commotion of war surrounding them, the traumatized displaced families, are in desperate need to get back on their feet. Mission: Embrace Israel was founded - by the Jewish and Israeli community in Metro-Atlanta with the Chabad Israeli Center - to provide a safe and calm environment, daily programming with meals and activities, and well-needed emotional support by licensed professionals, in an effort to facilitate their recuperation.




Bringing victims of the October 7th attack on Israel to U.S. homes to recuperate and get the care they need.

We are expecting 50+ Israeli families to arrive in Metro Atlanta during the upcoming weeks, where they will be hosted and cared for by the local community. 
We are providing travel expenses, housing, transportation, and other allowances they may need. 
In addition to that, we are collaborating with various local organizations to provide education to the children, as well as leisure activities for the entire family. 

Help Us Heal Israel

Be a part of the Mission: Embrace Israel. In addition to providing financial contributions, you can: host a family, volunteer (by teaching, cooking, driving, and many other volunteer opportunities), sponsor, donate items, and share our story. Visit our Join Us page for more information, or email us at



Our Mission: Embrace Israel by providing support to families affected by the Hamas terrorist attack

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