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Kibbutz Kissufim (photo credit ERIK MARMORFLASH90) BW.png

The October 7th Black Sabbath

On October 7th, 2023, approximately 3,000 Hamas terrorists whose sole purpose was to slaughter innocent Jews invaded communities in Southern Israel, conducting atrocities which words cannot describe, including viciously murdering, torturing, and, raping teenage girls and women, shooting babies in their cribs, amputating limbs off of living people, cutting open pregnant women, beheading victims (40 of which were babies), burning people alive, abusing dead bodies, and much more. 


This was a satanic massacre and we have not seen as many Jewish people killed in one day since the Holocaust. 


To this day there are 100+ bodies which cannot be identified due to the horrific torture they underwent, more than 1,500 people were simply butchered, and approximately 250 people, including babies and elderly civilians, were kidnapped and are currently held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. 


It would be one thing if the trauma ended there for these victims of terror, but Israel is still at war. 


150,000+ Israelis have been evacuated from their homes, fleeing for their lives in a hurry with no belongings and no time to process the shocking trauma. 


They have lost their family members and communities, disrupted their children’s education and their own jobs, and are living under the constant threat of another attack.

Sirens continue to blast over Israel and these families, many of whom have multiple children and have spent hours in bomb shelters fearing for their lives, deserve a safe place for themselves and their children to process, heal and recover. 


Now, you can give them the sanctuary they need.


In response to the humanitarian crisis evolving in Israel, the Jewish and Israeli community in Metro-Atlanta, in collaboration with the Israeli Chabad Center, has opened their hearts and homes to provide homes to the Israeli families evacuated from Southern Israel. 


We are expecting 50+ Israeli families to arrive in Metro Atlanta during the upcoming weeks, where they will be hosted and cared for by the local community. 


We are providing travel expenses, housing, transportation, and other allowances they may need. 


In addition to that, we are collaborating with local administration to provide education to the children, as well as leisure activities for the entire family. 







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